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WebSphere TX JumpStart

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WebSphere TX) delivers the ability to easily and seamlessly automate the transformation and content-based routing of transactional data in high-volume, complex and hierarchical data structures in a single pass as a logical unit of work without the need for a single line of codes, resulting in a quick return on investment.

Trimendus specializes in WebSphere TX integration technologies across the major operating platforms and integration with other IBM WebSphere products.

Our WebSphere TX JumpStart program and consulting services help get your implementation off on the right foot with a configuration tailored to your unique needs and equip you with the necessary skills and industry best practices for a smooth implementation and rollout.

WebSphere TX JumpStart Service Overview
  • Assists you in architecting, installing, configuring, and customizing an operational WebSphere TX integration infrastructure
  • Delivered by our WebSphere consulting experts with real-world, practical experience, our solutions are designed to give you a foundation to shorten your implementation cycle
  • Focuses on skill development, mentoring and knowledge transfer to ensure your integration developers can quickly put their knowledge into action

Service Scope & Deliverables:
  • Installation and configuration of base WebSphere TX on a supported platforms - AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris or Windows
  • Installation, configuration and integration of WebSphere TX with one of supported WebSphere products
  • 3 day Fundamentals of WebSphere TX training/workshop
  • Customized TX training (combinations of the following)
    • Integration with Database
    • Launcher System Design
    • Integration with WebSphere Message Broker
    • Integration with WebSphere Partner Gateway
    • XML transformation
    • Using WebSphere TX Industry Acceleration Packs (SWIFTNet FIN, ANSI X12, etc.)
  • Detailed report that documents your WebSphere TX custom installation environment and parameters
  • Knowledge transfer related to runtime environment administration and monitoring to your administrators, architects, and developers
  • Onsite consulting and development support

Typical duration of this JumpStart service is 5+ days.  Feel free to contact us for more details.