Home Migration

It is essential to keep current with the latest and greatest version of your software products to ensure that your infrastructure is flexible enough to grow with your business and to cope with new technology demands.

Our experienced consultants can help you to assess and plan for the migration effort and the required incremental skills development. Engage the experts to analyze your existing infrastructure and provide guidance on the best approach for smoothly transitioning to the new versions.

IBM WebSphere MQ
  • Migration of MQ 5.x to 6.0/7.0
  • Extending MQ infrastructure to support Queue Manager Clusters and/or High Availability

IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • Migration of Message Broker/Event Broker 5.0 to 6.1
  • Extending Message Broker installation to enable High Availability

Mercator / DataStage TX / WebSphere TX
  • Migration of Mercator 6.x to WebSphere Transformation Extender 8.2
  • Migration of Ascential DataStage TX 7.5 to WebSphere Transformation Extender 8.2
  • Migration of Mercator Inside SWIFT FIN 2.4 to WebSphere Transformation Extender SWIFTNet FIN Pack 4.2.3 (SWIFT 2008 standards)

We have built a knowledgebase of compatibility and functionality differences, as well as best practices around migration of prior versions of IBM WebSphere products. Rather than utilizing your staff on this one-off-only effort and building up skills they will never require again, leverage on our expertise, tools and methodology to avoid unnecessary risk, time, effort and cost.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a no obligation discussion on your migration needs.