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The Integration Challenge

The business environment is constantly changing.  Consolidations, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, off-shoring and standards/regulatory compliances all drive an ever increasing stream of integration projects that IT organizations must efficiently execute in support of an evolving business.

All of these integration initiatives entail integrating and organizing enterprise data so it can be made available to other applications and business users.  To achieve these goals, data must be mapped, transformed and routed between disparate systems.   Unfortunately, the process by which data is mapped, transformed and routed between application sources and targets is error-prone and time-consuming, accounting for up to 70% of the integration effort.

How Can We Help?

Leveraging IBM robust integration technologies and years of integration experiences, we can help reduce the associated risk and costs as well as the pain of your integration efforts.  Our integration solution will significantly reduce implementation time and risks by adopting proven approaches to automate the integration process while minimizing the impact on your business operations.  More importantly, our solution allows you to adapt your environment to new applications, technologies and business strategies in a cost-effective manner.

Our integration solutions and services help you
  • Become on-demand business
  • Strengthen business relationships with your key trading partners
  • Improve overall efficiency within your organization
  • Achieve top line growth and bottom line savings

Some examples of technologies employed in various integration scenarios
  • High volume event driven data integration and transformation involving highly complex data formats (proprietary, packaged ERPs or industry standard messaging formats such as XML, SWIFT, HL7, EDI X12/EDIFACT, etc.) – IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender with Industry and application acceleration packs
  • Robust and secured messaging platform for the exchange and movement of data among applications on disparate operation systems and platforms – IBM WebSphere MQ
  • Advanced Enterprise Service Bus that provides a robust, scalable and secured integration and mediation infrastructure – IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • B2B business documents (X12, RosettaNet) exchange over FTPS/HTTPS – IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway

Our Proven process and methodology developed over years of experience across industries and contexts minimize your risk. Whether you are in the planning stage, in the middle of your project or running into critical post-implementation issues, we can help you get things done or make things right faster, better and cheaper.