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WebSphere MQ JumpStart

WebSphere MQ is a de facto standard enterprise messaging backbone for integrating applications across many languages and various platforms.  Our experienced MQ Consultants will get your implementation off on the right foot with a clean base configuration and a well established set of best practice policies and procedures.

MQ JumpStart Service Overview
  • Our WebSphere MQ JumpStart service offering assists you in architecting, installing, configuring, and customizing an operational WebSphere MQ environment
  • Delivered by our WebSphere consulting experts with real-world, practical experience. Our solutions are designed to give you a MQ footprint from which you can grow your MQ environment
  • Focuses on knowledge transfer and mentoring to ensure your IT professionals have a fundamental understanding of the MQ implementation that can be used as the foundation for your future Enterprise Application Integration projects

Service Scope & Deliverables:
  • WebSphere MQ will be installed on a common WebSphere MQ supported system - AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris or Windows
  • A WebSphere MQ Queue Manager will be configured including logging, security, backup and recovery mechanisms, and standard system objects i.e. listener, trigger monitor, channel initiator, dead letter queues and handlers, and command server
  • The installation will be tested and verified using standard IBM sample programs
  • WebSphere MQ Channels will be created and tested between each of the configured systems
  • Procedures will be established for creating and modifying queues for individual applications and an initial set of queues will be created
  • Detailed report that documents your MQ custom installation environment and parameters, security and future deployment consideration
  • Knowledge transfer to your administrators, architects, and developers
  • Additional customization
    • Configuration of SSL Channel Security
    • Setting up of Queue Manager Clusters
    • High Availability MQ installation (for example, HACMP)

Typical duration of this JumpStart service is 5+ days depending on the type and number of platforms to be installed and configured and the extent of  customization.  Feel free to contact us for more details.