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Rational Security Test Pak

Fixed Price Discovery Package

This package allows you to uncover the security vulnerability of your web applications in minutes without having to invest thousands of dollars on tools, people and training.
  • We deliver 5 - 15 Day of Web Application security scan
  • Documenting security compliance results

5 Day Package
  • Max 1 URL domain scan
  • Unlimited scan for a domain
10 Day Package
  • Max 5 URL domain scan
  • Unlimited scan for each domain
15 Day Package
  • Max 10 URL domain scan
  • Unlimited scan for each domain

You select a plan that fits your budget and needs. Trimendus' expert testing team then conducts security scanning of the web application's security compliance, based on a industrial bodies standard. A valuable report that communicates the findings through expert-level analysis, comprehensive charts and informative graphs that provides "next step" recommendations.

On Demand Program

This program is designed to get you up and running on IBM Rational AppScan. An experienced security test consultant will work with your team on a project from start to finish which includes
  • Web application scan
  • Security loop holes analysis

We deliver block of 10 Days service with repeating the security fixes - scanning cycles.

You select this plan if your project is an on-going development; and you are in the process doing security testing and tuning. Your development team needs to know how the system behaves, and where is the security loop holes, our experienced security test consultant will work with your development team throughout the security testing and fixing cycle. Because it the engagement is organized in a 10 Days block, we can plan as many iteration as possible within an engagement block. You will be charged a fixed 10 days service rate (excluding the licenses)

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