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Ratioanl Quality Manager Jumpstart

The RQM JumpStart package is a comprehensive technology insertion plan designed to help maximize your investment in Rational Quality Manager by providing your team with technical expertise and technology required to be self sufficient is using the quality management tool that you invested. The service package leverages our expertise in software development live cycle management best practices to help you apply the best-in-class technology found in the Rational quality solution to your project, allowing you to:

  • Accelerate the adoption of Rational quality best practices and technology
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Obtain knowledge of systematic test planning, design, execution and automation with Keyword Driven approach that enable your testing team to better control and manage testing life cycle

By using the RQM JumpStart, you are taking advantage of Trimendus' expertise in utilizing IBM Rational quality solution for your Software Development Life Cycle.

RQM JumpStart package components

The RQM JumpStart implementation follows a structured approach considering all major aspects of the deployment of sophisticated technology. The package includes the following components:

Training (3 Day)

This basic training element provides first-time users with practical, hands-on knowledge of Rational Quality Manager use. For the test managers, test designers, tester we provide training on how to use Rational Quality Manager effectively to plan, design and execute scripts to cover essential system functionality. Concept of Keyword Driven test design and automation will be introduced here as well.

Installation and configuration (2 Day)

The RQM will be installed and configured according to the required environment setup. This includes: base RQM installation with choice of database, project work areas setup, user e-mail setup, integration with Rational Functional Tester (if required).

Basic Test Plans, cases migration (10-Day Duration)

A sample project of your choice with maximum up to 3 test plans will be used for this hand on migration session. This migration exercise comprises the following:
  • Test Assets Evaluation. Examining the existing test assets, re-structure test assets according to RQM test structure
  • Establish Test Plan. Define testing groups / teams. Identify test modules, test plans
  • Test Case Design & Implementation. Design test cases i.e. Keyword “enabled test cases
  • Management. Customize queries, dashboard view

Package Deliverables

You will receive the following:
  • RQM training slide
  • Installed and configure RQM instance
  • Migrated test assets in RQM which includes test plans, test cases, business keyword

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