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IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender V8.2 Fundamentals
Course Code WS-100
Description Foundation course for the WebSphere Transformation Extender suite of products designed to provide a fundamental understanding of WebSphere Transformation Extender V8.2. The course focuses on the WebSphere Transformation Extender Eclipse-based Design Studio (Type Designer and Map Designer) and Database Interface Designer components, and describes how they are used to define and transform flat files and database data.
Format Instructor led class
Duration 4 days
Audience This basic course is designed for programmers and analysts who need to implement data integration and transformation solutions using WebSphere Transformation Extender.

Skills Taught After completing this course, the student should be able to

  • Describe how to model data, create data definitions and structures, define data properties, and components
  • Explain how to validate type trees
  • Transform flat file and database using the Map Designer
  • Describe how to use Type Designer, Database Interface Designer, Functional Map Wizard, Map, and the Resource Registry to improve map and type tree design and throughput
  • Implement basic error handling
  • Troubleshoot and debug transformation logic
  • Optimize map performance

Prerequisite Before taking this course, students must have a basic understanding of data formats, databases, and processing logic.

Course Outline
  • Type Designer fundamentals
  • Defining data structure and content
  • Validating data definitions
  • Building additional validation into tree types
  • Map Designer fundamentals
  • More about mapping
  • Functional maps and the Functional Map Wizard
  • More efficient type definitions
  • Error handling
  • Resource Registry
  • Map optimization
  • Running maps in production
  • Database Interface Designer fundamentals
  • Generating type trees for database tables and queries
  • Using database query results as a data source
  • Using database functions
  • Using a database table as data target
  • Database connection management
  • Database adapter commands
  • Putting it all together