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Implementing EDI ASC X12 Solutions with WebSphere Transformation Extender
Course Code WS-102
Description This workshop is a one day study of WebSphere Transformation Extender EDI ASC X12 type trees and the process of mapping both inbound and outbound interchanges.  Participants will learn to analyze the incoming data in comparison to the desired output.  They will then go through examples of mapping both proprietary and X12 compliant data.

Through lecture and hands-on experiences, attendees will learn to navigate WebSphere Transformation Extender Design Studio, both the Type Tree Designer and the Map Designer.  Participants will learn the ISA Interchange, Functional Groups and Transaction Sets as well as looping structure of the X12 type trees.  Emphasis will be placed on mapping strategies and advanced mapping skills.
Format Instructor led class
Duration 1 day
Audience This course is designed for Project Managers, System Consultants, Production Managers, Developers and Anyone who has the responsibility for mapping EDI ASC X12 compliant data.

Skills Taught After completing this course, the student should be able to

  • Describe the structure and composition of a WebSphere Transformation Extender EDI X12 compliant type trees
  • Map inbound ISA document into a company-specific flat file format
  • Map outbound flat file formatted data into ISA compliant format
  • Map 850 transaction sets to and from XML

Prerequisite Before taking this course, students must possess a basic working knowledge of EDI and complete the following course:

  • WS-100 - WebSphere Transformation Extender Fundamentals

Course Outline
  • Overview
  • WTX Pack for EDI ANSI X12
  • EDI and ANSI X12 Structure
  • Basic Inbound Mapping
  • Basic Outbound Mapping
  • Mapping Strategies
  • Mapping Invalid EDI Data