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Upgrading To WebSphere Transformation Extender Version 8.2
Course Code WS-108
Description The course offers instruction focused on use of the new and improved GUI and functionality and is designed to facilitate the transition for current users to Version 8.2

Attendees prepare for transitioning their own systems to new eclipse-based Design Studio environment by learning through lecture, demos and hands-on exercises.  Topics covered include introduction to the Version 8.2 GUI, using the Navigator feature, new and improved functions, use of the Map, Card.

The course includes hands-on exercises designed to help attendees become at ease with Version 8.2
Format Instructor led class
Duration 6 Hours
Audience This short training program is designed for current users of WebSphere Transformation Extender Design Studio tools at versions 6.7, 7.x and 8.x prior to the new eclipse-based GUI.
Prerequisite Proficient in using a version of WebSphere Transformation Extender/DataStage TX/Mercator Design tools prior to Version 8.2.